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It’s important to know how to pronounce words correctly in English. Here’s how to pronounce “what”:

The word “what” is pronounced with two syllables: “wuh” and “t.” The “wuh” sound should be a short “u” sound (like the sound you make when you’re asking someone to repeat something). The “t” sound should be a short, sharp “t” (like the sound you make when you’re tapping your fingers on a table).

To make sure you’re pronouncing “what” correctly, try saying it out loud. You should hear a short, sharp “wuh-t” sound. Put some emphasis on the “t” sound to make sure it’s clear and distinct.

If you’re still having trouble, try breaking the word down into its component sounds: “wuh-t.” This can help you focus on each sound and make sure you’re pronouncing it correctly.

With practice, you’ll be able to confidently pronounce “what” in English. Knowing how to pronounce the word correctly will help you to communicate more effectively and sound more natural.

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