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If you are a non-native English speaker, correctly pronouncing the word "hesitate" can be tricky. Some of the common incorrect pronunciations are "hez-eh-tayt" or "hez-eh-tit."

In order to pronounce "hesitate" correctly, start by saying the first two syllables: "heh," with a short "i" sound in your voice, and then "zay," with a long "a" sound. The third syllable should be pronounced with a short "eh" sound. The final syllable is pronounced with a "t" sound that is somewhat aspirated. Put it all together and the correct pronunciation of "hesitate" is "heh-zay-teh-t."

When spoken at a normal rate, the two syllables in the middle may sound like one syllable. However, it is important to keep all four syllables distinct to ensure that you are pronouncing the word correctly.

Practice saying the word "hesitate" slowly and then gradually speed up the word until you can say it in a normal rate of speech. Once you have mastered the correct pronunciation of "hesitate," you are well on your way to becoming a more fluent English speaker!

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