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Learning how to correctly pronounce the word "different" is essential for non-native English speakers. Pronouncing it correctly can help you sound more natural and fluid when speaking English.

To pronounce the word "different," start by putting your lips into a narrow "o" shape. Keep your tongue flat and towards the front of your mouth.

Next, say the consonant "d" sound. It should be a light, soft sound, not too hard and not too soft. After the "d" sound, say the "ih" sound as in "sit." Then, say the "f" sound followed by the "er" sound.

Finally, end with the "nt" sound. This should be a light, quick sound. Make sure you don't drag out the "n" sound too much.

To practice, say the word "different" slowly and focus on making the correct sounds. Once you have it down, try saying it at a normal speed.

The correct pronunciation of the word "different" is "dih-fuh-rent." With a bit of practice, you will be able to pronounce it correctly and sound more natural when speaking English.

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