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Have you ever tried to coin a famous English phrase, only to find yourself lost in a sea of words? Crafting a memorable saying isn't easy, and neither is nailing its pronunciation. Learn from the best.

And there's a question of, what is the best way for couples to manage their money, for example, in a way that gives them some individual freedom without getting upset with the other person, but also some commonality in terms of their goals?
Sandy and I happened to go for a walk not long after my dad passed, and I said I felt this sense of freedom and a lack of regret, and I thought it had to be, because I gave him that note before he died.
College isn't for everyone, so get an aesthetician license, a Class III driver's license, a guild, union, whatever it might be, union card.
So as that one dream was ending, another was beginning.
Simple questions like, what extent do you believe or agree or disagree with statements like, stress enhances my performance and productivity.
Amazon, like any good drug dealer, knows the value of a free sample. And over time, I indeed found myself spending more and more time reading, wanting to escape into that fantasy life.

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