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Pronounce is an AI speech assistant, a personalized solution to track your speech quality and pronunciation when you need it the most.

Conversations were checked for pronunciation and grammar mistakes.Conversations at Work - PronounceWord pronunciation analysis and suggestions on how to improve speaking.
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Everything you need to level up your English speech

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Record audio

Speak with friends, chat with an AI coach, or read aloud.

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On your American English pronunciation and vocabulary.

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Practice sounds and words independently or with a coach

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Accelerate your success with professional speech

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Convey your ideas more clearly

Your native accent can make it hard for colleagues to understand you. Accented speech might create barriers to job advancement. Speak clearly and concisely to reach your audience.

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Engage your audience

Becoming an engaging speaker is one of the most valuable life investments. Maintaining clear voice and fluent speech in the most stressful of settings is challenging. Lead a conversation with confidence with pronunciation that will be understood.

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Create a powerful impression

Every phrase can strengthen or weaken a professional relationship or risk the loss of a customer connection. Make your words a strong representation of your competence.

Chat with an AI speech coach to get conversational practice

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Simple & fast

Pronounce speech checker gives instant feedback on your speech.

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Progress tracking

Do you speak better than you spoke yesterday? See what changed over time.

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Fix issues with English pronunciation, incorrect stress, and filler words.

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Accent Coach Friendly Speech Feedback

“Learn to speak with clarity”

When you speak with an accent, people struggle to understand you. They even ask you to repeat yourself, causing you to loose confidence. You want to fit in, be heard, and get ahead, but your accent is holding you back. With accent reduction training, you will improve your American accent and learn to speak clearly.

Rochel deOliveira
Founder at AccentOff
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“Fully customized to your needs”

Accent reduction can help those who wish to improve their English communication skills by developing a deeper awareness of the American accent and learn how to be a more effective communicator.

Julie Cunningham
Owner of San Diego Voice and Accent
Accent and Speech Coach - Pronounce

“You need feedback”

I hear and identify your mistakes, then give you the exercises to quickly learn how to self-correct and change your speaking habits. With a few important tips, guidance, and practice, your speaking can change quickly.

Donna Durbin
Owner of Clear English Coach
Accent and Speech Coach - Pronounce

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Pronounce

Do you offer a freemium?

Yes. Everyone should have access to English speaking coach. We give limited access free of charge each month. Pronounce Freemium is good for individuals who are devoted to practicing spoken language and American English accent but can't afford Premium or a speech coach. It might be a good match for you if you're open to sharing feedback.

How long does it take to speak confidently?

Depending on your goals and experience, it can take only 90 days of daily exercises to coordinate your muscles to speak clear English and adopt new vocabulary and sentence structure. In some cases, getting feedback is already a huge step forward. In addition, being aware of your improvement progress can boost your self-confidence and help you achieve the desired American speech level.

Why is it difficult to learn English for Spanish speakers?

Differences in languages can explain the difficulty. Spanish has only five vowels and diphthongs, while English has twelve vowels and eight diphthongs. Stress variation in English words that are spelled similarly can create new meanings, and there are no marks to indicate stress in English.

Why is it difficult to learn English for Portuguese speakers?

Differences in pronunciation rules can explain common mistakes Portuguese speakers make when speaking English. For example, Portuguese speakers need to train their muscles to pronounce the "th" sound, silence the "e" at the end of some words, vocalize the "h" sound, etc.

Is speaking an American accent important?

Executive and professionals from industries including tech, finance, health, education, and legal are improving their American accents. Communicating more effectively can dramatically advance careers, professional connections, and personal lives.

Should I use an accent or speech coach?

1 out of 5 Pronounce users complements regular speech tracking in Pronounce with 1-1 coach sessions. Using pronounce reports on hours of your conversations in real life will make personal coaching more efficient.