How to pronounce


Are you looking to learn how to pronounce the English word "talk"? Pronouncing English words can be tricky for non-native speakers, but with some practice, you can learn to pronounce "talk" correctly.

American Pronunciation: /tɔk/
British Pronunciation: /tɔːk/

  • Syllable breakdown: talk
  • Sounds like: Rhymes with "walk," but with a "t" at the beginning.

To make the word "talk", start by placing your tongue behind your teeth and making a "t" sound. Then, quickly move your tongue to the roof of your mouth and make a short "a" sound. Finally, round your lips and make a "k" sound. The whole word should sound like "tawk".When speaking, the "l" in "talk" is pronounced quite softly. It's best to practice the word on its own and in a sentence to help you get the pronunciation correct.

Additionally, listening to native English speakers can help you to understand how the word should sound. Pronounce AI provides English-speaking partners for anyone to talk with a native-like speaker. By following these tips, you should be able to perfect your pronunciation of the word "talk". With practice and patience, you'll soon be speaking English like a native!

Definition of


To talk means to engage in speech or to converse with someone. It involves the verbal exchange of ideas, information, or feelings between two or more people. Talking is a primary way humans communicate, allowing for the expression of thoughts and emotions through spoken language.

What does it mean


The word "talk" comes from the Old English "talecan," which meant "to speak, talk, or hold discourse." Its roots can be traced back further to Proto-Germanic, indicating that the concept of talking as a form of communication has been recognized for a very long time. Over the centuries, the word evolved into its current form and usage, embodying the act of verbal communication. The simplicity and directness of the word reflect its fundamental role in human interaction.

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