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If you are a non-native English speaker looking to learn how to correctly pronounce "January," you have come to the right place! The first syllable of the word "January" is pronounced "JAY" and the second syllable is pronounced "nyoo." To make the "JAY" sound, put your tongue between your top and bottom teeth and make a slight 'd' sound. For the "nyoo" syllable, make a "N" sound with a "Y" sound at the end.

When saying the word "January," it is important to emphasize the first syllable. To do this, say it louder and give it a slightly longer duration. The word "January" should sound like: "JAY-nyoo-ary."

Practice the word "January" in phrases and sentences, such as, "I was born in January" or "January is the first month of the year." It is also helpful to repeat the word multiple times in a row.

Learning how to correctly pronounce "January" is a great way to sound more fluent when speaking English. With practice, you'll soon be able to say the word "January" with ease!

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