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Pronouncing charcuterie correctly is an important step for non-native English speakers. Charcuterie is pronounced “shar-koo-tuh-ree”. The “ch” is pronounced like a “sh” sound, the “ar” is pronounced like the “u” in “hut”, the “cu” is pronounced like the “koo” in “kooky”, and the “terie” is pronounced like the “ree” in “tree”. To practice, repeat the word “shar-koo-tuh-ree” several times out loud.

When speaking, it is important to enunciate each syllable and give it equal emphasis. Start the word by saying “shar” with a slight emphasis on the “sh” sound, then say “koo” with more emphasis, followed by “tuh” with a slight emphasis, and finally “ree” with the most emphasis.

It is also important to be aware of the intonation of the word. The emphasis should be placed on the syllable with the most emphasis. As you say the word, the intonation should rise slightly on the “shar” and then remain level until the last syllable “ree”, where the intonation should go down.

Now that you know how to pronounce charcuterie, practice saying it several times out loud until you feel comfortable and confident. With enough practice, you'll be able to pronounce charcuterie correctly every time.

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