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The word "Hiroshima" is pronounced as hɪˈrɒʃɪmə in British English and hɪˈroʊʃɪmə in American English. Here's how to pronounce it correctly:

1. Begin by pronouncing the first syllable, "hi": hɪ

2. Next, add the "r" sound by curling your tongue slightly and touching the top of your mouth: hɪˈr

3. Then, pronounce the "o" sound by making a slight "oh" sound with your lips: hɪˈro

4. For the next syllable, "shi", start with the "sh" sound by placing your tongue behind your top teeth and blowing out air: hɪˈroʊʃ

5. Finally, end with the "ma" sound by making a slight "mah" sound with your lips: hɪˈroʊʃɪmə

Remember to pronounce each syllable clearly and avoid blending them together. Here's a breakdown of the pronunciation using IPA symbols:

British English: hɪˈrɒʃɪmə
American English: hɪˈroʊʃɪmə

Practice saying the word slowly and then gradually speed up to pronounce it fluently. It may also be helpful to listen to a native speaker pronounce the word to get a better understanding of the correct pronunciation.

Definition of


Hiroshima (noun): a city in Japan that was devastated by an atomic bomb drop during World War II, leading to significant loss of life and destruction of infrastructure.

Example 1: "Hiroshima is a powerful reminder of the tragic consequences of war."

Example 2: "More than 70 years after the bombing, Hiroshima still bears the scars of its tragic past."

Example 3: "A visit to Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park is a somber and poignant experience."

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