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Knowing how to correctly pronounce quinoa can be tricky for many non-native English speakers. To ensure you say quinoa correctly, focus on the following:

The first part of the word, 'qui', should be pronounced with a /k/ sound, which is short and abrupt. The next part, 'noa', should be pronounced with an /n/ sound followed by a /w/ sound. The 'a' at the end should be pronounced with a short, sharp /ah/ sound.

The correct way to say quinoa is 'keey-no-ah', with the emphasis on the 'no'. To practice, try saying the word several times out loud until you feel comfortable with the pronunciation.

To summarize, quinoa is pronounced with a /k/ sound followed by a /ey/ sound, a /n/ sound, and a short /ah/ sound. With practice and repetition, you will soon be able to confidently and correctly pronounce quinoa.

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