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Having a hard time pronouncing the popular shoe and apparel company "Nike"? Don’t worry! Pronouncing "Nike" is actually quite simple.

The first syllable is pronounced “nye” with a short “i” sound. To pronounce this correctly, you should start by making a “n” sound with your lips. Then, move on to a slightly longer “i” sound. Your mouth should be slightly open while making the “i” sound.

The second syllable is pronounced “kee.” To make this sound, start with a “k” sound, using your tongue to press against the roof of your mouth. Then, move on to an “ee” sound. Your mouth should be open slightly for this, and your lips should be curved.

Put the two together and you’ve got it! “Ny-kee” is how to pronounce Nike. Try practicing out loud a few times to get it right.

So, now you know: “Ny-kee” is how to pronounce Nike. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to pronounce it perfectly in no time!

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