How to pronounce


Pronunciation and IPA:

  • American Pronunciation: "ay-OH-lee" /aɪˈoʊli/
  • British Pronunciation: "ay-OH-lee" /aɪˈəʊli/

Definition of


Noun: Aioli is a creamy sauce made with garlic, olive oil, and usually egg yolk, typically served with seafood or vegetables. Example 1: "The chef's signature dish was a shrimp and vegetable platter with a side of homemade aioli for dipping." Example 2: "I prefer to use aioli as a healthier alternative to mayonnaise in my sandwiches." Verb: To aioli someone/something is to cover them/it with or serve them/it with aioli sauce. Example 1: "The food truck owner aioli'd the fries as a finishing touch before serving them to the customers." Example 2: "My friend asked the waiter to aioli her fish dish for an extra burst of flavor."

What does it mean


The word "aioli" comes from Provençal, a dialect spoken in regions of southern France. It's a compound of the words "ail" (garlic) and "oli" (oil). The sauce has its origins in the Mediterranean cuisine, particularly in the Catalan and Provençal cultures. It is traditionally associated with the cooking styles of these areas where both garlic and olive oil are staple ingredients, reflecting the simple yet robust flavors typical of the Mediterranean diet. The making and consumption of aioli have spread and been adapted across various cuisines, maintaining its base of garlic and oil while adapting to local tastes and available ingredients.

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