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Pronouncing the word ‘practice’ correctly is essential for effective communication in English. This guide will help you learn how to pronounce practice correctly.

Start by forming your lips into an ‘o’ shape. Place the tip of your tongue behind your bottom teeth, and begin to pronounce the ‘p’ sound. Move your tongue to the back of your mouth and quickly move it to the roof of your mouth, while keeping your tongue flat.

Next, produce a ‘r’ sound. Move your tongue back towards the front of your mouth, and make a light trill/vibration between the tip of your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

Keep your tongue in that position and pronounce a ‘a’ sound. Keep your tongue in the same spot and pronounce a ‘k’ sound.

To finish the word, move the back of your tongue up towards the roof of your mouth, and briefly block the airway while producing a ‘t’ sound. Finally, produce a ‘s’ sound by moving your tongue to the front of your mouth and quickly releasing it.

The correct pronunciation of practice is ‘prahk-tiss’. With a bit of practice (pun intended!) you’ll soon be able to pronounce this important English word with ease.

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