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Pronouncing the word "strength" correctly can be tricky for non-native English speakers. It's important to know how to pronounce it accurately, as it's a commonly used word in the English language.

First, break down the word into its syllables: "strength" is two syllables: "streng" and "th". To properly pronounce "strength", the first syllable should be pronounced with a short, sharp "e" sound, like the "e" in "bed". The second syllable should be pronounced with the aspirated "th" sound, like the "th" in "this".

When saying the word, the emphasis should be placed on the second syllable. To emphasize the second syllable, say the first syllable quickly and firmly. The second syllable should be drawn out slightly for emphasis.

In summary, to correctly pronounce the word "strength", say "streng-th" with the "e" sounding like the "e" in "bed" and the "th" sounding like the "th" in "this", while emphasizing the second syllable.

By understanding how to pronounce the word "strength", non-native English speakers can confidently use it in their conversations and be understood.

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