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The word "Nietzsche" is pronounced as "NEE-tchuh" in British English and "NEE-cha" in American English, with the emphasis on the first syllable.

In IPA, the British pronunciation is /ˈniːtʃə/, with the stressed syllable being /niː/ and the second syllable being a schwa sound /ə/.

The American pronunciation is /ˈniːtʃɑː/, with the second syllable being a long /a/ sound instead of a schwa sound.

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Definition: Friedrich Nietzsche was a prominent German philosopher, cultural critic, and poet. He is known for his controversial ideas about religion, morality, and the concept of the "Superman."

Example 1: Many people study the works of Nietzsche to gain a better understanding of existentialism and nihilism.

Example 2: The philosopher's ideas about the will to power and the death of God have been heavily debated throughout history.

Example 3: Nietzsche's influence can be seen in various fields such as psychology, literature, and popular culture.

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