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American Pronunciation: /θaɪəˈtaɪərə/ Breakdown: thy-AI-uh-TAI-ruh British Pronunciation: /ðaɪəˈtaɪərə/ Breakdown: thy-AI-uh-TAI-ruh The word "Thyatira" is pronounced with a combination of voiced and voiceless TH sounds, as well as a long AI sound. The first syllable begins with a voiced TH, followed by a diphthong - AI - that glides through the mouth from an open to a more closed vowel position. The final syllable also starts with a voiced TH sound before the word ends with a short vowel sound and a final -ra. Practicing saying each sound separately and then stringing them together can help with pronouncing "Thyatira" correctly.

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Form: Proper noun Definition: A city in ancient Greece known for its famous purple dye production and a key location for trade. Example 1: Many merchants traveled to Thyatira to purchase the highly sought-after purple fabric. Example 2: The church in Thyatira was praised for its faith and perseverance. Example 3: Thyatira is now a well-preserved archaeological site that attracts many tourists.

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