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If you’re a non-native English speaker looking to learn how to pronounce the word “sorry,” you’ve come to the right place! Pronouncing “sorry” correctly is easier than you might think.

To pronounce “sorry,” start with an “S” sound, like the “S” in “snake.” Then, move to the “O” sound, like the “O” in “octopus.” Next, make an “RR” sound, like the “RR” in “rabbit.” Finally, make an “EE” sound, like the “EE” in “eel.” Put it all together, and you have the correct pronunciation of “sorry.”

The tricky part of “sorry” is the “RR” sound. This sound is made by quickly pushing air out of the mouth. The tongue should be slightly curled when making this sound. Make sure to practice the “RR” sound until you’re comfortable with it.

With some practice, you’ll be able to confidently say “sorry” with the correct pronunciation. Good luck!

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