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When attempting to pronounce the word "sycophant," it is important to know the correct way to say it. Sycophant is pronounced "sick-uh-funt." The emphasis should be on the second syllable. The first syllable should be said quickly and with a slightly softer sound. The second syllable should be said with a harder and longer sound.

The "sick" part of the word should sound like the word "sick" itself. The "uh" part should sound like the "a" in "apple." The "funt" portion should sound like the word "front" with an emphasis on the "f" and the "nt" part of the word.

Overall, pronouncing the word "sycophant" correctly should involve a quick and soft first syllable, followed by a longer and harder second syllable. The sounds for each syllable should correspond to the words "sick," "uh," and "funt," respectively. With practice, anyone should be able to pronounce sycophant correctly.

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