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To pronounce the word "Seine," start by placing the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth. Then, make a "s" sound by forcing air through your front teeth. Next, move the tip of your tongue back and lightly touch your hard palate to make an "n" sound. Finally, round your lips to make the "n" sound nasal, and release the air until your lips are relaxed.

In IPA, the British pronunciation is /seɪn/ and the American pronunciation is /seɪn/ /seɪn/ .

Definition of


Noun: A large fishing net in the shape of a long flat cone, with floats along the top edge and weights along the bottom.
Example: The fishermen used a seine to catch a large number of fish at once.

Noun: The main river in Paris, France.
Example: We took a romantic boat ride along the Seine in the evening.

Noun: A type of silk fabric with a semi-sheer, ribbed appearance.
Example: The evening gown was made of luxurious white Seine fabric.

Verb: To use a fishing net to catch fish.
Example: My grandfather taught me how to seine for trout in the river.

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