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To pronounce the word "ennui," follow these steps: 1. Begin by opening your mouth slightly and positioning your tongue at the back of your bottom teeth. 2. Gently touch the roof of your mouth with the middle part of your tongue. 3. With your voice, produce a nasal "ahn" sound by pushing the air out through your nose. 4. Quickly drop your jaw to produce a sharp "ee" sound. 5. Finally, finish with a long "wee" sound, like when you say the letter "w." The IPA transcription for British pronunciation is /ɑːnˈwiː/ and the American pronunciation is /ɑnˈwi/. Remember to keep your mouth relaxed and to produce the "ee" and "wee" sounds quickly and with a slight nasal quality to properly pronounce "ennui."

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Ennui (noun) is a feeling of weariness or dissatisfaction resulting from a lack of interest or purpose in one's current situation. It can also refer to a general feeling of boredom and apathy. Examples: 1. After years of working the same monotonous job, he couldn't shake off the overwhelming feeling of ennui. 2. She longed for a change of scenery as the ennui of her everyday life started to weigh on her. 3. The rainy weekend left her with a sense of ennui and no motivation to leave the house.

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