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Gauge is an English word that is pronounced \ˈgāj\ and rhymes with "say". To correctly pronounce the word, the first sound should be a hard "g" sound made at the back of the throat, followed by a long "a" sound. This is followed by a "j" sound made in the same place, and finally an "eh" sound as in "get". The emphasis should be on the "a" sound.

When speaking the word out loud, the lips should be slightly rounded and the tongue should be placed behind the top teeth. The jaw should be slightly open with the tongue slightly raised. The sound needs to be clear and strong.

When pronounced correctly, gauge should sound like "gayg". To practice pronouncing the word, try repeating it several times in a row. You can also practice using it in sentences such as "I need to measure the gauge of the pipe".

With practice and repetition, you can master how to pronounce gauge.

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