How to pronounce


The word "deepfake" is pronounced as "deep-feɪk" in both British and American English. Below are the IPA transcriptions for each pronunciation:

British English: /diːp-feɪk/

American English: /dip-feɪk/

Definition of


Deepfake (noun): A digital or computer-generated video, audio, or image that appears to be real but has been intentionally altered or manipulated to misrepresent or deceive the viewer.

Example 1: The use of deepfakes in political campaigns has raised concerns about the spread of misinformation and fake news.

Example 2: The popular app, FaceApp, has been criticized for its potential to create deepfakes that can be used for malicious purposes.

Example 3: The rise of deepfakes has caused many to question the authenticity of online content and the need for fact-checking.

Deepfake (verb): To create or produce a deepfake using advanced technology and techniques.

Example 1: The viral video that appears to show a famous celebrity doing something outrageous was later revealed to be deepfaked by a skilled video editor.

Example 2: The company hired a team to deepfake their CEO's face onto a bodybuilder's body for a humorous advertisement.

Example 3: The documentary explored the ethical implications of the increasingly sophisticated tools used to deepfake videos.

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