How to pronounce


  • American Pronunciation: In American English, "Loewe" is commonly pronounced as /ˈloʊ.eɪ/. It has two syllables, with the stress on the first syllable: LO-ay. The "LO" sounds like "low," and "ay" sounds like the "ay" in "pay."
  • British Pronunciation: In British English, "Loewe" is often pronounced similarly to the American pronunciation, as /ˈloʊ.eɪ/. The vowel sounds are clear, and the pronunciation focuses on a smooth transition between the two syllables.

Definition of


Loewe (noun): a Spanish fashion brand specializing in luxury leather products.
Example: "I purchased a beautiful Loewe handbag for my wife's birthday."

Loewe (adjective): having characteristics or qualities resembling the style of the Loewe brand.
Example: "Her minimalist dress had a very Loewe look to it."

Loewe (verb): to style or accessorize with items from the Loewe brand.
Example: "I love how you've Loewe'd your outfit with those statement boots."

What does it mean


The name "Loewe" comes from the surname of its founder, Enrique Loewe Roessberg, who was of German descent. The brand's name reflects its founder's heritage and has become synonymous with luxury and quality in the fashion industry. Over the years, Loewe has become a significant player in the global luxury market, upholding the reputation established by its name and heritage.

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