How to pronounce


If you're a non-native speaker learning how to pronounce the English word "currently," this guide is for you!
The word "currently" can be broken down into sounds for better pronunciation in both British and American English. Here are the IPA transcriptions for each:

  • American Pronunciation: /ˈkɜrəntli/
    • Begins with the /ˈkɜr/ sound, where the tongue is positioned in the middle of the mouth, slightly retracted, and the lips are rounded.
    • Followed by the /ənt/ part, with a quick, unstressed 'uh' sound produced by relaxing the tongue in the mouth, combined with the 'nt' sound made by pressing the tongue against the upper teeth and releasing.
    • Ends with the /li/ sound, a light 'lee' sound, with the tongue positioned high and close to the roof of the mouth towards the front.
  • British Pronunciation: /ˈkʌrəntli/
    • Begins with the /ˈkʌr/ sound, similar to the American pronunciation but with the vowel sound more open and less rounded.
    • The /ənt/ part is pronounced similarly to the American version, marking the middle of the word.
    • Ends with the /li/ sound, consistent with the American pronunciation, emphasizing the light and brief 'lee' sound.

Definition of


Currently (adv): At the present time; now.

What does it mean


"Currently" is derived from the word "current," which in its adverbial form adds the suffix "-ly" to denote a manner of being. "Current" itself comes from the Middle English "curraunt," meaning "running, flowing," and from the Old French "corant," a present participle of "courre" (to run), which is derived from the Latin "currere" (to run, move quickly). The transition from describing something in motion or flow, such as water, to indicating the present time or now, mirrors the concept of time moving forward. The etymology reflects a broader understanding of "current" as something ongoing or happening now, and by extension, "currently" specifies that an action or state is occurring in the present moment.

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