How to pronounce


To pronounce the word "Temu," follow these steps:

1. Start by placing your tongue behind your top front teeth.

2. Keep your tongue flat and relaxed.

3. Part your lips slightly, almost as if you are smiling.

For the British pronunciation, say "TEH-moo" with a short "e" sound in the first syllable. In IPA, this would be transcribed as /tɛmʊ/.

For the American pronunciation, say "TEH-moo" with a long "e" sound in the first syllable. In IPA, this would be transcribed as /tiːmuː/.

Remember to keep your tongue relaxed and your lips slightly parted throughout the pronunciation. With practice, you will be able to say "Temu" clearly and confidently.

Definition of


Temu is a traditional gathering or meeting among indigenous people in various parts of Indonesia, particularly in Java and Bali, for various purposes such as discussing community issues, celebrations, or for spiritual practices.

Example 1: The annual Temu Desa brought together representatives from all villages to discuss strategies for improving the local economy.

Example 2: The village chief called for a Temu to discuss ways to preserve their traditional culture and customs.

Example 3: Many people travel to Bali to attend a spiritual Temu with local healers and practitioners.

Example 4: The Temu Bakti was held to honor the ancestors and seek their blessings for a bountiful harvest.

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