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Instant is one of those English words that can be tricky to pronounce for non-native speakers. But with the right guidance, you can learn how to pronounce it correctly!

To pronounce instant, say "in-stant" (rhymes with the word "pant"). The emphasis should be on the first syllable, and the second syllable should be said quickly.

Start with the letter "I" and make sure that your tongue is in the right position in your mouth. The "I" sound should come from the front of your mouth, not the back. The "n" sound should be a soft "n" sound, not a hard "n" sound. The "s" should sound like a "z" and be followed by a "t" that is pronounced with a soft "t" sound. Finally, end with the "ant" syllable.

So, to sum it up, the correct way to pronounce instant is "in-stant" (rhymes with the word "pant"), with the emphasis on the first syllable. With a bit of practice, you'll be able to say it like a native speaker!

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