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American IPA transcription: /ˌɛəriˈpægəs/ Breakdown: AIR-ee-PAG-uhs British IPA transcription: /ˌɛːrɪˈpægəs/ Breakdown: AIR-ee-PAG-uhs Explanation: The word "Areopagus" is derived from the Greek word "Areios Pagos", which translates to "Hill of Ares". In Greek, the letter "A" is pronounced as /ɛ/ or "eh", the letter "e" as /i/ or "ee", and "o" as /ɔ/ or "aw". The letter "g" in Greek is pronounced as /g/, but in English it is often pronounced as /k/ before the letter "e". In this case, "Areopagus" is pronounced with a "k" sound instead of the "g". To pronounce "Areopagus", first start with the first syllable "Areo" which is pronounced as /ɛəri/. This is a diphthong, meaning the vowel sound /ɛ/ glides into the sound /ə/, pronounced as "AIR". The next syllable, "pagus", is pronounced as /ˈpægəs/. This syllable can be broken down into three parts: /pæ/, pronounced as "PAG", /g/ as in "gun", and a schwa sound /əs/, pronounced as "uhs". Overall, the word is pronounced as "AIR-ee-PAG-uhs" in American English, with the emphasis on the second syllable. In British English, the pronunciation is very similar, but with a slight lengthening of the second vowel sound, making it "AIR-ee-PAG-uhs".

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Areopagus (noun) - the highest judicial and legislative council in ancient Athens, known for its power and influence. Example 1: "The Areopagus was comprised of prominent citizens who were responsible for passing laws and overseeing trials in ancient Athens." Example 2: "In his speech to the Areopagus, the philosopher argued for the abolishment of slavery as a moral imperative."

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