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If you’re a non-native English speaker learning how to pronounce homogeneous, there are a few key steps to take to ensure you’re speaking correctly. To begin, place the emphasis on the first syllable of the word, so it is pronounced “huh-muh-JEEN-ee-uhs.” The ‘h’ sound should be short, as in ‘hot’ or ‘hat’. The ‘o’ in homogeneous should be pronounced like the ‘o’ in ‘hot’; it should not be drawn out like in the word ‘snow’. The ‘m’ should sound like ‘m’ in ‘mat’ or ‘man’, and the ‘uh’ should be short, like in ‘cup’ or ‘cut’. The ‘g’ should sound like the ‘g’ in ‘good’ or ‘go’, and the ‘ee’ should sound like the letter ‘e’ in ‘end’ or ‘even’. Finally, the ‘uhs’ in homogeneous should sound like the ‘uhs’ in ‘bus’ or ‘push’. By following these steps, you’ll be able to correctly pronounce homogeneous and impress your English-speaking friends.

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