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Learning how to correctly pronounce the English word "rogue" is important for non-native English speakers. To pronounce "rogue," start with your soft palate raised, and then bring it down and forward. Your tongue should be flat at the back and sides, and your lips should be neutral.

The first sound is "r," which is made by vibrating your vocal cords. To make the "r" sound, curl your tongue and open your mouth. Place the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth and push your tongue between your top and bottom teeth to make the "r" sound.

The following sound is "oh," which is a long, smooth sound. Start by making a slight buzzing sound with your lips and then open your mouth and keep the sound going.

The last sound is "g," which is made with the back of your tongue. To make the "g" sound, curl your tongue and move it up and back, making contact with the roof of your mouth. Keep your mouth open and your lips slightly rounded.

When pronouncing the word "rogue," the emphasis should be on the "oh" sound. To practice, say the word "rogue" slowly and clearly, emphasizing the "oh" sound. With practice, you will be able to pronounce "rogue" correctly and confidently.

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