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Pronouncing the word "resolution" correctly can be tricky for non-native English speakers. To ensure optimal pronunciation, it is important to pay attention to the correct placement of both sound and stress.

The word "resolution" is a multi-syllabic word, meaning it has two syllables. The word starts with the syllable "re" and ends with the syllable "luh". The emphasis of the word should fall on the syllable "luh".

When pronouncing the word "resolution," start by saying "re" with a flat tone, followed by "zuh" with a rising tone. The emphasis should fall on the second syllable "luh," which should be pronounced with a level, flat tone.

To practice, try repeating the word "resolution" a few times to ensure that you have mastered the correct pronunciation of the word. Additionally, you can ask a native English speaker for feedback on your pronunciation.

In summary, the word "resolution" should be pronounced with two syllables, with the emphasis placed on the second syllable. Start with a flat tone on the syllable "re," followed by a rising tone on the syllable "zuh." The syllable "luh" should be spoken with a flat tone. With practice and feedback from a native speaker, you can be sure to master the correct pronunciation of this important word.

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