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American Pronunciation: /ˈpaɪəs/ Breakdown: PIE-uhs British Pronunciation: /ˈpaɪəs/ Breakdown: PIE-uhs Explanation: - The first syllable "pi" is pronounced as the word "pie" without the "e" sound at the end. - The second syllable "ous" is pronounced as "uhs", similar to the word "us" but with a slightly longer and more stressed "u" sound. - Together, the word is pronounced as "PIE-uhs" in both American and British English, with a slight stress on the first syllable. Note: The pronunciation of "pious" may also vary depending on regional dialects and accents. IPA transcription provides a standardized way to accurately represent the pronunciation of a word, but it is also helpful to listen to audio recordings of the word being pronounced in different accents to fully understand its various possible pronunciations.

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The word pious (adjective) means devoutly religious or exhibiting extreme reverence to a religious deity. It can also refer to showing reverence for one's moral obligations or duties. For example, "She is a deeply pious person who attends church every day." In a non-religious context, it can mean showing strict adherence to a particular set of rules or principles, often in a self-righteous or hypocritical manner. For example, "He preached about the importance of honesty, but his actions were far from pious."

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