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Are you a non-native English speaker looking to learn how to pronounce the word "continue"? Learning the correct pronunciation of English words is an important part of improving your language skills. Pronouncing words correctly can help you communicate more effectively and sound more natural when speaking.

The word "continue" is pronounced "kən-ˈti-n(y)o͞o", with the primary stress on the second syllable. The first syllable is pronounced with a short "u" sound, similar to the "u" sound in the word "put". The second syllable has a long "e" sound, like the "e" in the word "bee". The third syllable should be pronounced with a short "u" sound, similar to the "u" sound in the word "loot".

To practice pronouncing the word, try repeating the word several times out loud. You can also break the word into syllables and say each syllable separately to practice pronouncing each sound correctly. For example, you can say "kən-ˈti-n(y)o͞o" as "kuh-ten-yoo".

If you are having difficulty pronouncing the word correctly, you may want to record yourself saying the word and then listen back to it. This can help you identify any mistakes in your pronunciation.

By practicing the correct pronunciation of the word "continue" regularly, you can become more confident in your language skills and sound more natural when speaking English.

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