How to pronounce


Pronunciation and IPA:

  • American Pronunciation: "duh-baw-chuh-ree" /dɪˈbɔtʃəri/
  • British Pronunciation: "de-baw-chuh-ree" /dɪˈbɔːtʃəri/

Definition of


Noun: extreme indulgence in pleasure, usually involving sex, alcohol, or drugs Examples: 1. The party was filled with debauchery, with guests dancing on tables and drinking excessively. 2. The city was known for its debauchery, attracting tourists looking for a wild and hedonistic experience. 3. The movie portrayed a world of debauchery and excess, with characters engaging in outrageous behavior. 4. Despite his wealth and power, the politician was known for his debauchery and scandalous affairs. 5. The group's road trip turned into a weekend of debauchery, with reckless driving and non-stop partying.

What does it mean


The word "debauchery" comes from the Middle French word "débaucher," which means to entice away from duty or rectitude. The French term is derived from "des-" (indicating removal) and "bauch," stemming from the Old French "baer," which means to open or widen. Over time, the word evolved in English to describe the act of leading away from virtue towards vice or immoral activities, particularly those involving excessive partying or indulgence. This term has been in the English language since the early 17th century and continues to be used to describe activities considered excessively indulgent or morally corrupting.

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