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Enmity is an English word which is pronounced as “en-mi-tee.” It is important for non-native English speakers to learn how to correctly pronounce enmity to ensure they are understood by native English speakers.

To correctly pronounce enmity, begin by sounding out each syllable: en, mi, and tee. The first syllable "en" should be pronounced with a short "e" sound. The second syllable, "mi," should be pronounced with a short "i" sound. The third syllable, "tee," should be pronounced with a long "e" sound. All three syllables should be pronounced with the same volume and emphasis.

Practice saying the word out loud several times to ensure you are pronouncing the word correctly. Focus on enunciating each syllable with precision.

The emphasis on each syllable should be relatively even. Try not to overemphasize any syllable. The emphasis should instead be placed on the entire word as a complete unit.

Enmity is not a commonly used word. But, if you need to use it in speech or writing, it is important to be able to pronounce it correctly. Learning how to pronounce enmity correctly will help non-native English speakers to be more understandable when speaking English.

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