How to pronounce


  • American Pronunciation: In American English, "clematis" is pronounced as /ˈklɛmətɪs/. It has three syllables, with the stress on the first syllable: KLEM-uh-tis. The "KLEM" sounds like "clam" with an "e," the "uh" is a short, soft sound, and "tis" sounds like "tis" in "artist."
  • British Pronunciation: In British English, "clematis" can also be pronounced as /ˈklɛmətɪs/ or sometimes as /klɪˈmætɪs/, with the stress shifting to the second syllable in the latter: kli-MAT-is. The difference lies in the articulation of vowels, where "kli" sounds like "cli" in "click," "MAT" like "mat," and "is" remains the same.

Definition of


Clematis refers to a genus of mostly climbing plants, known for their beautiful flowers. They are popular in gardens and landscapes for their ornamental value, displaying a wide range of colors and flower shapes. Clematis vines are versatile, used for decorating trellises, walls, and arbors, and are prized for their prolonged and prolific blooming period.

What does it mean


The word "clematis" comes from the Greek "klema," meaning "twig" or "branch." This etymology reflects the plant's climbing habit, as it often twines around other plants and structures. The term was adopted into Latin as "clematis," and has been used in botanical contexts to describe these climbing plants, highlighting their characteristic growth pattern and the way they branch and spread.

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