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If you're a non-native English speaker looking to learn how to properly pronounce the word "environment," you've come to the right place! This guide will provide you with the tips and tricks you need to start saying it like a pro.

The correct way to pronounce "environment" in English is "en-vahy-ron-muhnt." To start, emphasize the first syllable, "en." This is pronounced like the "en" in "end." The second syllable is "vahy," which rhymes with "buy." The third syllable is "ron," which rhymes with "on." Finally, the fourth syllable is "muhnt," which rhymes with "bun."

When you put these syllables together, you get the word "environment." To practice, try saying it multiple times with a partner. Or, record yourself saying it and play it back to hear how you sound.

Remember, pronunciation is all about practice. Don't get discouraged if it takes you a bit longer to master the correct way to pronounce the word "environment." Keep repeating it until you get it right. Soon, you'll be saying it like a native English speaker!

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