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Are you wondering how to pronounce the word "reap"? If English isn't your native language, you may find pronouncing this word a bit tricky. With some practice, however, you'll soon be able to say this word correctly.

First, start with the "r" sound. Make sure that your tongue is slightly curled at the back of your mouth and that you are making the right sound. The "r" should sound like a trill or a purring sound.

Then, move on to the vowel sound. For this word, the vowel is an "ee" sound. Make sure to open your mouth and tongue wide and form a large circle with your lips. This should produce a clear sound.

Finally, the last sound is the "p" sound. Keep your lips slightly parted and make a puff of air as you pronounce this letter. The "p" should sound crisp and clear.

Now that you know how to pronounce "reap", practice saying it aloud. With enough practice, you should soon be able to say this word with ease. Good luck!

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