How to pronounce


To properly pronounce the word "challah," follow these steps:

1. Start by making the sound "h" as in "hair."

2. Then, immediately follow it with the sound "ah," as in "father."

3. Lastly, say the sound "lah" with an open mouth and relaxed tongue.

British pronunciation: /'hælə/ (HAH-luh)

American pronunciation: /'hɑ:lɑ/ (HAH-lah)

Remember to use your diaphragm to project your voice and maintain a steady rhythm while saying the word. Practicing in front of a mirror can also help improve your pronunciation.

Other helpful tips:
- Keep the emphasis on the first syllable, "HAH".
- Try to avoid pronouncing it as "kuh-luh" or "kuh-lah" with a hard "K" sound at the beginning.
- The "H" sound should be soft and not aspirated.
- Don't elongate the final "ah" sound too much, it should be quick and light.
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Definition of


Form: noun

1. A braided, egg-based bread typically consumed during Jewish religious events or holidays.
Example: "My grandmother taught me how to make delicious challah for Sabbath dinner."

2. A type of bread roll, often topped with sesame or poppy seeds, used in sandwiches or as a side dish.
Example: "I love pairing my turkey sandwich with a soft and fluffy challah roll."

3. A colloquial term used to describe a challenge or difficulty.
Example: "Starting a new business was a real challah, but I'm proud of all I have achieved."

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