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Balayage is a French word that is often used in the hair and beauty industry. Pronouncing balayage correctly can be tricky for non-native English speakers. Here is how to pronounce balayage correctly:

Balayage is pronounced differently in British and American English.

  • American Pronunciation: \ˌba-lē-ˈyäzh, where the accent is on the final syllable. You begin with a soft "ba", as in "bat", followed by a light "lee", similar to saying "lee" in "leek", and then end with a "yazh" sound, which is like saying "zh" in "beige" with a "ya" before it.
  • British Pronunciation: The British pronunciation is quite similar, \ˌba-li-ˈyɑːʒ, with subtle differences mainly in the articulation of the vowels. The "ba" is soft, "li" is more like "lee" in "leek", and "yɑːʒ" ends the word with a more open "ɑː" sound compared to the American pronunciation.

To pronounce balayage correctly, combine all the syllables together and say them in one smooth, flowing motion. It should sound like "bah-lay-ah-geh". With practice, you'll be pronouncing balayage like a native English speaker in no time!

Definition of


Balayage is a technique for coloring hair, in which dye is painted on the hair to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. This method offers a more natural look compared to traditional foil highlights, as it involves painting the color onto the hair by hand, allowing for sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights.

What does it mean


The word "balayage" comes from the French verb "balayer," meaning "to sweep." This is a direct reference to the sweeping motion the colorist uses to apply the color onto the hair. The technique itself originated in France in the 1970s. Since then, it has become popular worldwide, known for its ability to create depth and dimension in the hair while maintaining a natural look.

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