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When it comes to speaking English correctly, one of the most important things is pronunciation. Knowing how to correctly pronounce which can help you sound more fluent.

The word 'which' is pronounced as /wɪtʃ/. This means that the 'wh' sound should be pronounced as an English 'w' and the 'ch' sound should be pronounced like the 'ch' in the word 'cheese'.

To start, make sure you pronounce the 'w' sound clearly. To do this, place your lips in a tight circle and breathe out while keeping your lips together. Then, move on to the 'i' sound. This sound is made by keeping your mouth in the same position and saying the letter 'i' without using your voice.

Finally, move on to the 'ch' sound. To pronounce this correctly, make sure your tongue is up against the roof of your mouth and make a 'ch' sound, like the beginning of the word 'cheese'.

The word 'which' should be pronounced clearly and with the correct emphasis. If you practice and repeat this word a few times, you'll be able to pronounce it correctly and sound more fluent. Try it now: /wɪtʃ/.

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