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If you’re a non-native English speaker, understanding the correct way to pronounce words is essential for communication. Today, we’re going to learn how to pronounce the word “train.”

The “t” in “train” is pronounced like a sharp tap of the tongue against the roof of your mouth. The “r” is then pronounced with a light roll of the tongue against the roof of your mouth. The “a” is a short vowel sound like the one in “bat.” Finally, the “i” is a long sound like the one in “kite.”

To put it all together, “train” should sound like a sharp “t” followed by a light rolling “r” sound, a short “a” sound, and a long “i” sound. The “i” should be emphasized more than the other sounds.

If you’re having trouble, try saying the word in slow motion, emphasizing each individual sound. You can also practice with a mirror to check your pronunciation.

Once you’ve practiced enough, you should be able to confidently pronounce the word “train” in conversations with native English speakers. Good luck!

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