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When it comes to speaking English, it's important to know how to correctly pronounce words. One of the more common words used in English is "sure." To correctly pronounce this word, begin by saying the letter "S," which should sound like a short, hissing "ssss." Then, say "sh," as though you're hissing again, but with a bit more force. Finally, say "ur," like the "er" sound in "her." When combined, the word should sound like "sh-ur."

When speaking this word, it is important to note that the first syllable should be slightly emphasized. This is done by saying the "sh" slightly louder than the "ur." Furthermore, when saying the word in conversation, the "r" sound should not be drawn out.

In summary, to correctly pronounce the word "sure," begin by saying the letter "S," followed by the sound "sh," and end with the "ur" sound in "her." Emphasize the first syllable, and do not draw out the "r" sound.

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