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Are you looking for tips on how to pronounce the word "outstanding"? If so, you've come to the right place!

Pronouncing "outstanding" is fairly straightforward. First, start by pronouncing the "ou" sound, as in the word "loud." Next, say the "t" sound, followed by the "st" sound, like in the word "stop." After that, say the "an" sound, like in the word "man." Finally, end with the "ding" sound, like in the word "ring."

Altogether, the correct way to pronounce "outstanding" is "ow-t-st-an-ding." Notice that the word has five syllables: "ow," "t," "st," "an," and "ding." As you practice this word, be sure to emphasize the "an" sound, as it is important to make sure you don't run it together with the "ding" sound.

With the correct pronunciation of "outstanding" mastered, you can now confidently use this word in everyday conversation. The next step is to practice using it in different contexts and with different intonations. Good luck!

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