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When pronouncing the English word "sanguine", there are a few key points to keep in mind. Firstly, the emphasis should be put on the first syllable, "san". To do this, you should pronounce the "san" with a slightly deeper pitch than the rest of the word. Secondly, the "gu" should be pronounced as a single sound, similar to the "g" in the word "gutter". Lastly, the "i" should be pronounced like the "i" in the word "sit".

Putting these elements together, you should pronounce the word "sanguine" as "san-gwin". As this word is used to describe someone who is optimistic or cheerful, make sure to pronounce it with a bright and cheerful intonation.

To sum up, when pronouncing "sanguine", highlight the first syllable "san", pronounce the "gu" as a single sound, and pronounce the "i" like the "i" in the word "sit". Say it with a bright and cheerful intonation, and you'll be saying the word "sanguine" correctly!

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