How to pronounce


  • American Pronunciation: /ˌbækəˈlɔːriət/
    • Breakdown: BAK-uh-LAWR-ee-uht
  • British Pronunciation: /ˌbækəˈlɔːrɪət/
    • Breakdown: BAK-uh-LAWR-ee-uht

In both American and British English, the emphasis is placed on the third syllable. The pronunciations are similar, with subtle differences in the articulation of the final syllable.

Definition of


The word baccalaureate is a noun that refers to a college or university degree, typically a bachelor's degree. It can also refer to a series of courses or a program of study leading to a Bachelor's degree. Example 1: "She received her baccalaureate in English literature from Harvard University." Example 2: "The school offers a rigorous baccalaureate program in business administration." Example 3: "The commencement speaker emphasized the importance of earning a baccalaureate degree in today's job market."

What does it mean


The word "baccalaureate" originates from the Medieval Latin "baccalaureatus," which combines "baccalarius," an early modern term for "student," with the suffix "-atus," indicating state or capacity. The term "baccalarius" may have originally referred to a young apprentice in knighthood, and the term evolved in universities to denote a degree that marked the initial stage of learning, similar to the apprentice stage in knighthood. This linguistic evolution reflects the structured progression of education, mirroring the apprenticeship system of the medieval guilds.

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