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Are you having trouble learning how to pronounce the English word "was"? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many non-native English speakers find it difficult to master the pronunciation of this tricky word.

The word "was" is pronounced as /wəz/, with the 'w' sounding like a short 'u' sound. To create this sound, your lips should be slightly pursed and your tongue should be in a neutral position in the mouth.

To practice, say the word "up" out loud, then repeat the same sound, but lower your voice. This is the sound "was" should make.

Now, try saying the word "was" out loud. Start by saying the 'w' sound, and then open your mouth slightly wider to make the 'a' sound. Finally, round your lips and release a short 'z' sound.

If you find it difficult to pronounce the 'z' sound, try saying the phrase "was it?". Make sure you pronounce each word clearly and don't let them run together.

By practicing how to pronounce "was" several times a day, you'll soon master the pronunciation of this word. Good luck!

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