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When it comes to correctly pronouncing the word "overcome," it's important to understand the proper phonics and syllables. To pronounce the word correctly, it is important to break it up into two separate syllables: “ov-er-come.”

The first syllable, "ov," is a short, sharp sound. The lips should be rounded and the back of the tongue should be slightly raised.

The second syllable, "er," should be a long drawn out sound. The tongue should be slightly forward and the sound should come from the back of the throat.

The third syllable, "come," should be pronounced with the lips slightly rounded and the back of the tongue raised.

When speaking the word, the emphasis should be placed on the first syllable, "ov." The following syllables should then be spoken quickly and clearly.

In summary, the word "overcome" should be pronounced with three distinct syllables: “ov-er-come,” with emphasis on the first syllable. The lips should be slightly rounded, and the tongue should be slightly forward and raised.

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