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Pronouncing the word "uncle" correctly in English can be tricky for non-native speakers. To ensure you are saying it correctly, follow these simple steps.

Begin by placing your tongue on the back of your front teeth. Then, make a “uh” sound with your lips slightly parted. From there, let the sound of the “u” roll into a “k” sound. To do this, keep your tongue on the back of your front teeth and press the back of your tongue up into the roof of your mouth.

Next, you’ll need to make a “uh” sound again. This time, your lips should be closed and your tongue should be on the roof of your mouth. Then, make a “l” sound by bringing the tip of your tongue up to touch the back of your top teeth. Keep your lips closed and your tongue in the same position as you let the “l” sound roll into a “uh” sound.

Once you’ve practiced each of the sounds individually, it’s time to put them together. The correct way to pronounce “uncle” is “uh-kuhl”. It should sound a bit like a mix between a “u” and a “ck” sound. With practice, you’ll be saying it correctly in no time!

Now you know how to pronounce "uncle" correctly in English. To practice, try saying it out loud a few times and pay close attention to how your mouth and tongue move. With enough practice, you’ll soon be speaking English like a native!

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