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Mastering the pronunciation of intricate words like "malevolent" can significantly enhance your English communication skills.

To correctly pronounce "malevolent," follow these steps: Break the word into syllables: "ma-lev-o-lent." Begin with the first syllable "ma," pronounced like "mah," as in "marble." The second syllable "lev" sounds like "lev" in "level." The third syllable "o" is pronounced as "oh," similar to the sound in "go." The final syllable "lent" rhymes with "rent." Emphasize the stressed syllable "lev" and enunciate each syllable clearly. Pay attention to the "e" sound in "lev," resembling the "e" in "bed."

Practice the word slowly, focusing on accuracy rather than speed. Audio resources or pronunciation tools online can serve as helpful guides. By consistently practicing the pronunciation of "malevolent," you'll soon gain confidence in articulating challenging words. Remember, patience and persistence are key to achieving impeccable pronunciation skills that will elevate your spoken English abilities.

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