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In both cases, the IPA transcription would be: /kwɑntrəʊ/ Breakdown: KWAHN-troh To pronounce the word "Cointreau" correctly, start by placing your tongue at the back of your mouth and make a "kuh" sound. Then, move the tip of your tongue down and make a "wah" sound. Finally, end with a short "troh" sound by tapping your tongue once against the roof of your mouth. The emphasis should be on the first syllable, followed by a quick and light pronunciation of the last two syllables.

Definition of


Form: Noun Definition: A type of clear orange-flavored liqueur that originated in France and is commonly used in cocktails. Example 1: "I'll have a Cointreau margarita please." Example 2: "The bartender added a splash of Cointreau to give the Cosmopolitan a hint of orange flavor." Example 3: "Cointreau is an essential ingredient in many classic cocktails, such as the White Lady and the Sidecar."

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